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A Short Description of Life in a Dormitory

Dispute in Dormitory

This is a very interesting happening – as if someone decided to run a social experiment by making a micro society, which consists of young, energetic, interesting and creative individuals. Their common goal is studying at university, but dormitory can be good educational institution too. Many people experience their first try to taste independence there. Some call it a preparation for life in the big world. You can’t hear sweet mom’s voice calling for breakfast in dormitory, no one here will do dishes for you or wash your underwear here. After only a month living in such place, there comes a realization that cleanness is your good friend (actually, not the most pleasant experience, but useful and important). Nobody wakes you up and you have a choice: responsibility and timely performance of duties or sleep a little more. One more thing is that you must deal with plenty of new people, who are totally different from you. This is a short characteristic of dormitory’s “survival school”.

There are also many attractive features of such life. Fun goes first of all. Hundreds of people as crazy as you, doing wild things guarantee a mass of impressions, emotions and a fact that you will not be bored for a long time. In this place, filled with joy and sadness, laughter and mourning there is an opportunity to find a best friend or love of whole life. Everyone necessarily finds a funny company or people with the same interests in dormitory.

Dorm Atmosphere

A Choice Between Dormitory and Removable Apartment

The most suitable students for life in dormitory are those who are talkative, funny and not shy. The other option is moving to an apartment, which means comfort, rest and calmness. If you are calm, shy and reticent man for some reasons living in dormitory, your fate is to face noisy neighbors, rules and limitations. A not-very-hardworking student always can find someone who can help in studies here. But there is the other end of a stick – joyous student life often may become an obstacle for learning. Noise and everlasting fuss always distract from studies and anyone needs a plenty of power of will to stay near a book while friends are going to get drunk, go to the party, throw dishes from the window into passing-by people or set the dormitory on fire, whatever.

Generally, every man to his own taste, but time spent in a dormitory is absolutely unforgettable and the experience is hard to overestimate.

Diligent Students

Opened Opportunities

As been said, both university and dormitory performs a good education but in different spheres. The fact that you meet many different people and even live with some of them for years, opens a lot of opportunities later in life. You may learn how to deal with people you don’t like, how to make someone do something for you or instead of you (without blows of course), how to make friends and many others. Frequently, acquaintances made in dormitory could be useful in future.

It is hard to say that such experience will be equally good for every person living, but there is definitely nothing bad in it.

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