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How To Write A Descriptive Essay About Your Father

Perhaps the hardest thing is to summarize a person that means a lot to you in just a few pages of writing. What to choose and how to begin? It requires a great skill to convey a whole range of feelings and paint a vivid, truthful picture just by the means of words. Here are a few pieces of advice you could follow as an example of a descriptive essay about your father.


Unless you take a paragraph to describe what your dad looks like, the readers will imagine their own dad, or someone who has the same name as you father. In a descriptive essay, all expressive devices are fair, so try to make your description as colorful as possible. Use imaginative ways.

Compare these two examples:

  • My father has light blue eyes. He is tall. He has a beard and likes smoking the pipe;
  • To a stranger, my father may resemble a wizard from a long-forgotten tale: his beard is thick and probably holds magical powers, with his habit of smoking the pipe adding to the picture. His light blue eyes always shine with delight whenever he tells a story we find particularly enchanting. When he enters a room, my dad sometimes bumps his forehead against the frame of the door: that is how tall he is.

Personality Traits

Of course, the description of a person is hollow without personality. Just like in the case of appearance, do not concentrate on enlisting facts, but focus on showing with examples what kind of person your dad is. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns: positive and negative.

The first column may include honesty, responsibility, adaptability, patience, loyalty, intelligence, sense of humor, self-confidence, creativity. In the second, you could write down the following: laziness, arrogance, impulsiveness, carelessness. What is true about your dad? Some of the personality traits can be neither negative nor positive, like extroversion and introversion.

Compare these examples:

  • My father has always been an honest person;
  • Ever since his childhood, my father learned that telling the truth was the right thing to do. In fact, once he ate all the cookies from a jar, and his mother suspected the cat, but my father rushed to confess his misdeeds, even though the cat could not have snitched on him.

What They Mean To You

When you are finished with describing your dad’s appearance and personality, focus on your relationship with him. Bring out your arsenal of memories. You can even look for the photos of you together, or ask other relatives to see if they remember some funny stories. Think about your own life.

What it would have been like if you had another type of dad, or no father at all? Contrary to a general opinion, your descriptive essay can be filled not only with positivity. The important thing is to write from the heart.

Writing A Descriptive Essay

Person Musing on Something

In case writing about your own father is a piece of cake for but the toughest thing is to make it look like a really essay and not a monologue, let us guide you in this sphere and assist you in your writing process as well.

The objective of a descriptive essay is to be defined as a collaboration of imagination, vivid experience and creative writing skills of an author. Everything you perceive in the object of your investigation should be called a description, it usually involves both outer and inner sides.

Therefore, your observing skills matter here the most. In case of an essay about your dad, it is very easy to observe his everyday lifestyle, to add it later.

The best thing about a descriptive essay is that you are not restricted by the language formats at all, so a flow of spoken word can be written here as well in order to make your paper more sentimental and alive in all meanings of this word.

You are free to use all your senses to tell about your father like:

  • Sights – tell the readers about his appearance and do not be afraid to fantasize a bit;
  • Touch – you may describe the roughness of his hands and warmth of his hugs;
  • Taste – tell the world what a great chef in cooking your father is and how he baked the best birthday cake in your life;
  • Sounds – what does his voice sound like for you? Do you have any associations with it? Describe them here;
  • Smells – His favorite cologne water may have some associations as well for you, if you have any strong memories about that just state them to have your essay truly descriptive.

Anything else to add? A framework of course! In order to have all your thoughts and idea at the right place, write a short draft on the primary components like:

  1. Introduction. Here you determine the topic of your paper and are more precise about what is to be mentioned here as well.
  2. Body part. The part with your list of senses, memories. Important observations. This part is the biggest and thus must be enlightened at its best.
  3. Conclusion. Ending part of the final thoughts, an effect of Déjà vu with a bit more flattering of your father however, here you are summing everything up so be more laconic and condense the main points to review.

Read it out loud so figure out what should be omitted and which detail should be obligately inserted. After this revise the text a few times after some period of time or give it us for a revision as we will be glad be in an assistance for you.  Make it readable, pay attention to the appearance of an essay, write a good title and bold it, set a good font, size it up to make it more alluring, separate paragraphs when needed, attach a photo of your dad or refrain from this option in order to keep a secret.

Do not be afraid to tell the class what you feel towards your dad. No feeling can be judged, neither have doubts showing his flows – nobody is perfect. Just describe him as you see him and it will be definitely appreciated.

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