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What Colors for the Interior Will Be the Best Choice for You?

Different colors have a different influence on our mood. You have probably noticed, how some colors can irritate you, while there is never too much of the others. Our preferences might change with time, and it is easy to wear a red sweater instead of a blue. When it comes to the interior, you have to be much more careful, as painting your walls is harder, than changing your outfit. So, which colors will be the best solution for the interior?


Red is a color of energy and power. However, you need to be careful with this color, as it is too agressive to surround you all the time. If you have a lot of red in your bedroom, you might wake up already irritated. Red is the best for the kitchen, as it gives you an appetite. You can place red decorations all around the house if you like this color, but a red lamp will be the best solution, as it will flood your room with a warm cozy light. Rainbow made of fruits


Orange is a signal to act. You can fill your cabinet or working place with the details of this color and it will keep you inspired and positive. As for the rooms where you usually relax, the same rules as for the color red apply.


Yellow will work best for people, who suffer from spleen and apathy. It is the least agressive warm color and can be applied everywhere, except for your bedroom. If you have a lot of yellow in your living room, it will be the best place to spend an evening with friends. You can also add some yellow to the hallway, so your guests feel at ease right when they enter your house


Green will help to create a calm and cozy atmosphere, where everyone will feel safe. Green is a color of nature and has a relaxing effect. You can experiment with yellowish or bluish shades of green, as the colors will combine their impact. A bright lime color will make you feel cheerful, while a cold menthol shade will be the best for relaxing.


Symbolically, blue is the color of quietness and peace, it helps you to keep concentrated and can ease you of worries and fears. Light blue is the best choice for the bedroom due to its relaxing effect, and for a bathroom, as it is associated with water. Be careful not to turn your room into a frozen castle hall, as you don’t want it to be too cold. You can brighten it up with some warm-colored details. Colorful shadows


White is a pure color, a color of freedom. It is a perfect background for the other colors, but it cannot be the only color in your room. In this case freedom will turn into loneliness, and pureness will appear boring. If you have an absolutely white room in your house, in winter add some plaids, cushions and colorful details, otherwise you might feel like the room is covered with snow. Black and white or black and brown will be the best choice for a place where you work or strudy at home.

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