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Prevent Your House from Becoming a Depository

You live your life as usual, and then in one moment you feel like your home has stopped feeling like a cozy place for you. You dim the lights and make a cup of your favorite tea, but something is still wrong. Look around: maybe what you need to do is to spruce it up by throwing or giving away certain things. What are these things? Keep reading to find out!

Tired of cleaning

Souvenirs and dust collectors

When we talk about dust collectors, we mean something that would just stand and take up the functional space of the house, like all kinds of vases, statuettes, crochet serviettes and plush toys. Some of them can make a really good decoration, but too many make a house look like an antiquarian shop. In case you don’t want to throw them away, you can at least hide them carefully or place them on the top of a tall cabinet or a highboy, just to free the shelves.

Clothes that does not match your size

All the things that became too small or too big for you should not be in your house, making your wardrobe look stuffed but in reality being of no use at all. The same goes with the shoes. You can think of a way to make a handmade remake of them, if they are dear to your heart, but do not let them stay unless you are 100% positive you will get to wear them again.

too big shirt

Little bottles

Look through everything on the shelf in your bathroom. You probably do not need all the bottles that are standing there, so use up the remaining shampoos or shower gels and throw away the containers. The same goes with the kitchen shelves. Why would you want to keep three boxes with only a couple of teabags left in them? Drink the tea or simply throw them away.

Here is a plan on how to clean the house. You will need:

  • A huge plastic bag for the garbage;
  • A cup of coffee and some biscuits for a break;
  • A list of your favorite energetic music to dance and clean at the same time;
  • A box for the things you accidentally find after a year of looking for them (it happens).

After you went through the house and have divided the things you need from those you don’t, you can sort them. For example, you can create a special Word file with the list of the books you have (and mark who you give a book to, what is very convenient). Pack the things you do not use often into nicely colored boxes or plastic containers. Fix anything you have found broken. You want to throw away everything, that stays unrepaired for over a year, as it looks like you do not need this particular thing that much. After you have finished, enjoy a lazy evening while watching a nice movie in the house that feels cozy for you again.

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