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Essay About Chaos in Life: SOS!

Mess in the Room

Sometimes there are moments when it seems that everything is falling from the hands: plans are broken, friends do not show you their support, your boyfriend/girlfriend pays too little attention to your problems (or you do not have a sweetheart at all), and you suffer because of lack of happiness in your life. Problems are always accumulating...Actually, it is the only trend in your life. And one day the problems turn into a huge snowball that threatens to crush you. All of it is due to banal stress with which you need to cope urgently. So, how to deal with the chaos in life and put everything in order? See the tips below.

Write Essay to Determine Chaos in Life

According to American experts, writing is considered as the best method of analyzing any process or phenomena. It is explained by the fact that while writing, your mind is focused only on one particular thing that does not let it think about other issues. Moreover, the written form gives one more benefit – possibility to analyze the same issue several times as it will not be forgotten like a thought that was heard in some classes. To do this, you can write your own essay or first, or see how professionals will do it for you. Essay help is definitely not to be neglected!

Therefore, my proposal is the following: write a short essay that describes your life full of chaos and disorder. In this regard, you will be able to comprehend what exactly makes your life unendurable and what chaos means to you. Maybe, after writing down your thoughts and ideas regarding this issue you will realize that a broken cup in the morning is not equal to a catastrophe, and your life is not filled with chaos at all. But if you can draw a parallel between your life and apocalypse, then there is much to think about. You can always buy essay online, and if homework is an issue for you, that may be the first step towards

Change Attitude Towards Situation

You probably know that thoughts are very influential. Our emotional state depends on them, and the emotional state has an impact on physical one. For example, if we worry about something, we look and feel worse than usual, and it is not because we are too lazy to take care of ourselves, but the reason is the following: the body is full of hormones.

To get life together, you need to get rid of the mess in your head. Try to look at all your problems from a positive side. It is hard to believe, but there is always a benefit in any problem, even if it is not so obvious.

For instance, have you missed the bus? Excellent! Walk on foot, breathe the fresh air, look at people, show yourself. Have you quarreled with your mother? It is okay, now you know the reason that could contribute to the quarrel with your close people, and you will act more carefully. Generally, think positively, because only you decide how you will react to the problem.

Find Inward Peace

Relaxed Person

Of course, it is not easy to immediately change your mind, if resentment, self-pity, and anxiety do not let you go. If you also think in this way, then this lack of calm needs to be disposed of. I will not advise you to enroll for boxing classes and kick the punching bag until it falls on the floor (although for someone it is the best way of relaxation), but it would better to try meditation or find the best method of relaxation for yourself. If you do not know the ways and methods which could help you to relax, go here.

By the way, below are some tips by means of which you can cope with stress. You will be surprised by their abundance and diversity:

  • Every time you are going to take a shower, imagine that the hot water current seems to wash away all the negative from you. It flows through the body and is washed off into the drain.
  • Imagine: bad emotions are stones. You are standing on the edge of the cliff, and the stones fall into the water that simply dissolves them.
  • Visualization is the best method to cope with stress for someone. For example, many gardeners imagine that while weeding the garden, they uproot their own problems together with the weeds.

So, choose what is the most appropriate for you.

Relieve Your Energy


It has been said that the best way to deal with stress is to do sport. And it hasn't been said in vain. You do not have to become a professional athlete and win gold medals to be emotionally healthy. While moving actively, our organism develops all the hormones that are responsible for pleasure and good mood. Therefore, the more you move, the more you are satisfied with life.

Of course, I understand that we are too lazy, but at the same time, we can choose what we like to do, and devote 15 minutes every day to physical activity. Yoga, running, gym, walking, and even simple morning gymnastic in your room will be enough to feel better.

Be Good

There is a theory that there is a kind of energy flow that makes us love everyone and makes life brighter at the same time (it is like a feeling of falling in love). But our negative thoughts block this flow, preventing us from becoming a good person. And meanwhile, kindness and good attitude towards people help to establish harmony in life.

It is very difficult to treat people who have offended you with kindness, but at least you can try. Try not to be angry with the guy who has pushed you on the bus stop, (it is unlikely he did it intentionally), do not conflict with the bad neighbor who always asks to close the second door – she/he just worries that the residents who live on the first floor can be cold in the apartments, etc. Once you learn to see a positive in everything and wish the people good, you will see that the world will change around you!

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