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Book Review: Write with Less Struggles

Literature course is one of the compulsory courses in any educational establishment, so everyone has to deal with it at school or college. There are some specifics to be mentioned – lots of compositions, essays etc. As literature is based on reading books, the most common type of essays is, of course, a review of what you have read. By the way, it is necessary and useful, because reflecting on the book helps you to organize your own thoughts and make a brief summary, so the book remains in your memory for a long time.

However, if you value your time more than a knowledge of a book you are not fond of, WriteMyPaper.Io is here for you.

At the First Glance

From the first look, it may seem quite easy to make a review. Even school-children from the first grades write them. Well, it’s really easy when you’re little, but in high school and college your essay about the book can’t be just “I liked and I disliked.” When you read a book, you are sure you have something to comment on, and you want to do it, but you can’t find the correct words. In this article we decided to give the main tips of writing a good review based on a book.

Do Not Get Far from the Reading

You have the text to write about, that is what you should take pay your attention to first. Do not focus on something else that just somehow relates to the topic. It means that you can discuss its elements, the style, etc. Stick to what is in the text and forget about the writer’s biography unless it is very much related to the book.

You can evaluate something only if you are professionally acquainted with it. Of course, you can always say about your attitude to the story, but this is your opinion, which may not coincide with the opinion of the author or other readers. This is normal, because there can’t be the only one true opinion about a book. It is said that even the author doesn’t always know the purpose of it.

Satisfied: Yes or No

As a rule, the main point is to show you opinion about the book, which is why it’s probably necessary to write about what you liked and disliked. But here you should be very careful, because you need to present the arguments to each affirmation. Even if it is connected with your personal life, you must mention it. Of course, you’re not required to tell the story of your life, but a phrase that it is related to your experience should be used.

It is also important to use specific expressions when you name the things which you liked and disliked. They are clichés, but it shows that you know the main rules of writing an essay about a book. Besides, essay writers use them as a must when completing the tasks, so they definitely mean something. We can suggest a good source to find such expressions for a book review.

Mention the Time and Place

Historical Epoch

Context means a lot, so to enlarge your text to meet the length requirement (just kidding, to make it efficient), do a little research on the time of creation. This may clarify some of the points for you, and you will look at your own ideas from a different angle. Make parallels with today’s world, and voila: you have shown your critical evaluation skills in the best light.

A book review is a creative task, so it’s not necessary to use a lot of terms. Take care about your opinion more, as this is what professors value the most.

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