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Why Is Being Lazy Good for You?

Lazy Boy

Before we get straight to the point, and you jump into all kinds of wrong conclusions, let us tell you that laziness is bad in general. Your heart, brain, muscles suffer from it very much.

So what`s the point of this article in this case? That`s a very good question, my dear friend. You see, being lazy is in human nature, seriously, we are built that way. We were meant to be like this.

Do you know that Lady Gaga song “Born This Way”? Yep, just like this. Nature created us so we would prefer lying to sitting, sitting to standing, standing to walking, and walking to running. That`s the end of this chain because, unfortunately, we can`t fly. It`s all because people need to reserve their energy so they can use it in case of danger or when they need to hunt down some food.

Thank goodness, it`s the 21st century, and we don`t need activities like “fight or flight” anymore. But we`re still lazy. Nothing has changed, so we`ll just have to put up with it. And while everybody is telling you that laziness is bad for your body and spirit (and all those people would be absolutely right), we decided to choose another approach.

We will tell you why it`s good for you. It`s not sarcasm or a joke, it`s a pure truth. However, none of the arguments mentioned in this article will justify your couch-potato lifestyle. Particularly, ordering on Writemypaper can be considered laziness or it can be the best solution!

Was Einstein Lazy?

A scientific study suggests that laziness is a sign of high intelligence. Yes, now you have a perfect excuse not to clean up your room. Practically, very smart people are way too busy thinking about the origins of this world and the meaning of life, they shouldn`t be bothered with those minor tasks which are meant for people with mediocre intellectual capacities. Perhaps, it`s too harsh. If you`re just lazy, it doesn`t mean that you have a super brain.

It`s not that most lazy people are smart, but most smart people are lazy. Do you see the difference now? How did scientists find that out anyway? It`s not like they were going from a gym to a gym asking people to pass an IQ test. They actually have gathered a group of volunteers of all possible ages and different occupations. The researchers asked the examinees to wear fitness trackers for about a week.

So the results showed that brainians weren`t so enthusiastic about physical activities as others. There is so much more to discover about the topic on this site. Meanwhile, we will give you a bit more motivation to stay lazy.

Laziness Presented Us Scientific Inventions

Washing Machine

Why would a washing machine be invented? People were coping with the whole process of making dirty shirts clean again perfectly. There were a river and some soap made of slime. Why don`t we live like we used to back in those glorious days?

Oh, how about diapers? Why would these be invented? Or bicycles? These inventions are making our lives so much easier, and nowadays we can`t imagine our daily routine without them.

Obviously, some of them were invented by scientists who wanted to create something progressive and innovative. But if you think about it, there is so much stuff (and that`s more than much, that`s a gigantic pile) that was created because people were too lazy and wanted their lives to become more comfortable and simple. A remote control, an automatic transmission, a sewing machine, a calculator.

You`d say that all of those things had a revolutionary impact on human lifestyles, and you`ll be right about this. They all had one purpose, and, perhaps, one day you`d like to simplify a certain activity or a process and become another world known inventor.

Take a Look at Your Parents

Father and Son

We`re not entirely sure about the reason why this is a good thing, so you have to figure it out yourself. Scientists claim that the predisposition to laziness can be hiding in our genes. So, if nobody in your family wants to wash dishes after dinner, and they just keep soaking in the sink for days, that`s a wake-up call for you. Technically, it`s not your fault that you`re lazy. You inherited this trait from the family. Just you’re your blue eyes or great vocals.

I know you`d rather prefer having great vocals than laziness, but you can`t choose your family, so make your peace with it.

Hold on, that`s a bad idea. How are you supposed to know that you have that gene? Perhaps, you`re just so smart that you don`t want to bother about any chores and banal daily activities, your brain is too developed for that.

What? That`s just a suggestion! For more suggestions like this, be a dear and check out this article.

Truth be told, humans are wired to be lazy. But scientists call it awareness. You know that you need to save energy in case a dangerous situation occurs, and you`ll have to save yourself. Awareness sounds better than laziness. Just saying.

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