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Beauty Is in the Eyes of the Beholder Essay: Let’s Go Original

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Here you will find a structured example of a well-organized academic essay on, probably, one of the most complex topics. Let these ideas be handy and inspiring guidelines for your work.  

Paragraph #1 Your Personal Intro

My life experience and several books on psychology, which I happened to read, let me claim that the reason why we consider something good and beautiful or bad and ugly, and hence why we like or do not like this or that thing, lies in the two main principles of how we perceive the world around us. These are physical perception and mental perception, and they do differ from person to person.

Paragraph #2 The First Supporting Idea (with an Example)

Speaking about physical perception, it is worth taking into account that although our sense organs have their “standard” functions, the information our brain gets from them, may differ from person to person. For example, some people like the sound of clanking, while others never wipe their hands with paper napkins because they do not like the touch. Even the way we see colors can bring about a pretty sharp disagreement, like the one I had with another friend of mine. After my remark about “how beautiful those blue flowers were” my friend retorted: “They are purple”. We took this question about the color of those flowers so seriously, that we even asked some other people to define the right color. Finally, it appeared that different people saw different colors, and we ended up with the next conclusion: many men, many minds.

Paragraph #3 The Second Supporting Idea (with an Example)

A Girl Reading a Book

Our mental perception, in its turn, bases on many factors including our character, experience, education and erudition. They run and control those sophisticated subconscious mechanisms that work when we are not able to explain consciously why we like or do not like some things. For instance, the Chinese poetry can be really difficult to understand and hence to enjoy if you do not know the historical background and the philosophical meaning of symbols, if you have never been to China or watched any television program about its culture and literature, and certainly, if you are not interested in any poetry at all.

Paragraph #4 Uniting the Ideas in Pre-Conclusion

The interaction between physical and mental perception forms our tastes and preferences. It is important to remember that the difference between them or their opposition confirm that we all are unique. If there is something about this uniqueness of other people that you do not like, you should either show or teach them something that you think is better, or try to find something good about their preferences, or just put up with them. Never criticize or mock. This may sound like morals or admonition, but if we care about peaceful coexistence with other people, such a piece of advice is worth paying attention to.

Paragraph #5 Logical Conclusion

Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So what we should do is keeping it safely in the very apples of our eyes. Old wise men said that our eyes are the mirrors of our own souls, so we should keep them beautiful and clear, as well as never dirty those of other people.      

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