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How to Make Certain Bad Memories Leave You Forever?

Unfortunately, life is not only sunshine and rainbows. One can never predict, when it is going to turn a living hell, so in the end they feel totally lost and having no clue how to fix their life and bring it back to normal. Every personal drama is unique, but there are common schemes on how to help yourself overcome bad memories having only experience left after them.

Start a diary/blog/story

Try typing or writing down everything you feel. You can do it as an actual personal diary, or create the characters and make them live through what you have experienced. You can make it a part of a daily routine – just find some time to sit down and write whatever comes to your mind. Soon you will notice, that the same memories that were so painful to remember have turned blurred, and on some point they might start being boring. Thinking about the same thing is like watching the same movie over and over – soon you feel like never watching it again. You will be ready to move on.

Writing a diary

Create a special stop-signal

Sometimes we keep remembering the past because we feel guilty for making a mistake. We keep imagining the situation again and again, trying to find a better way of responding or reacting. You need to understand, that what is done is done. You can fix it by telling how sorry you are, but just thinking about the past has no use at all. That is why you need to create a stop signal, like slightly biting your lower lip every time you feel like diving into the past and hurt yourself.

Real returning

It happens, that we keep imagining the things being good when we lose them, absolutely forgetting about the negative side. It might be helpful to text or call your ex just to discover that this is not the person you see your future with. You can talk to colleagues and find out, that the things got worse after you were fired or – even better – everything is just the same, boring grey days, while you have a chance to start a new life.

Feeling free

Find a substitute

We keep thinking about the bad thing that has happened to us because it is the last time we have experienced bright emotions. That time they were negative ones, so now you should think of something positive, that can be bright enough to outshine the intensity of the previous memory. It can be a trip, a house makeover or achieving of a personal goal you have set. All of the options are in power to cure you, moreover you will be so busy booking the tickets or working on self-improvement that you might not even notice, when the painful memory has started being a regular one.

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