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Studying Troubleshooting: Dealing with Morning Sleepiness

Everyone knows that feeling when the only thing you need in the morning is to stay in bed and stay under the blanket forever. This article will tell you about how to wake up in the morning easily and with pleasure, and without dreaming about the day to end quickly.

1. Forget the Phrase “Just Five More Minutes”

Get up after the alarm bell rings once, and try waking up at the same time every day. Be sure, your organism will appreciate that.

Five More Minutes

2. Moring Exercises Are to Be Your Priority

First few days or even weeks will be difficult for you. But your body will get used to morning runs or yoga exercises pretty soon. Physical activity will give you a charge of freshness for the whole upcoming day, and it does not matter what exercises you do.

3. Open the Window

Do that once you woke up, or sleep keeping it open. Sunlight and fresh air will fill you with a natural energy, and you will feel cheerful and full of strength after that for sure.

4. Create a Sleep Schedule for Weekends

Everyone knows how important it is to keep to the sleep regime: people do not only fall asleep faster, but wake up easier because of that. Even despite the fact that you fall asleep later and can lie in bed for longer on weekends, try to have a sleep schedule for your free days, too. It is obvious that you are not going to keep up to it strictly, but try to make those shifts not too sharp.

5.  Make It Your Habit to Have 3-5 Deep Breaths Right After Awakening

This is how your organism gets filled with oxygen, and sends a “Wake up!” signal to your mind.

6. Put Your Feet on the Floor

That is a great way to switch into the active mode after sleeping.

7. Change Your Alarm Ringtone

Nowadays, millions of ringtones are available for you to download. Set up the melody making you get up and start a new day with a smile, not fall asleep again.

8. Take a Shower

And make it contrast: change hot and cold water. You’ll see how well it helps you to wake up for sure.

9. Take Care About Necessary Things in the Evening

Very often, people don’t want to get out of bed in the morning because they know there are many things they’ve got to do. Make it all simpler for yourself: pack the bag, cook your university breakfast and dinner, iron your clothes and send the required emails in the evening. That is how you can turn your awakening into a pleasant time, free of everyday routine.

10. Wake up Having Pleasant Expectations 

It can be anything: a favorite dish, a thought about going to a favorite café to have a cup of hot coffee, or about spending 30 minutes in silence while reading a fresh newspaper. 

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