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Book Review: Write with Less Struggles

Historical Epoch

Literature course is one of the compulsory courses in any educational establishment, so everyone has to deal with it at school or college. There are some specifics to be mentioned – lots of compositions, essays etc. As literature is based on reading books, the most common type of essays is, of course, a review of what you have read. By the way, it is necessary and useful, because reflecting on the book helps you to organize your own thoughts and make a brief summary, so the book remains in your memory for a long time.

Become a Successful Student: No Problems Doing Assignments

Happy Student

How not to be too stressed during a test, an exam, or just when you have a lot of tasks to do? Regarding the number of students failing on their exams, or writing their essays late at night, it seems that the last subject taught in the academic program is "Learning how to learn." Yet, that can be learned. Some students discover their ideal method of learning before the others do, but with a little help and perseverance, everyone can do it. Anyone can apply these learning methods and improve their study performance.

Video Game Review Writing


If you want to enrich your blog with interesting content, we advise you to write a few video games review. Even though games are associated with kids, you may be surprised how many students and adults are interested in video games. And when they search for a good one to play after a hard day at school, college, university, or after work, they will find your reviews to read. How to write them to make them read more than just a few first lines?

Oral Exam: We Will Write About the Way to Survive

Public Speaking Fear

It goes without saying that exams are always a sad story for students. That’s the time of the year when you need to forget about your own life, lock yourself in a room with books and just study. Even essay help won’t come in handy here, you’re all on your own. Of course, it’s not always like that, because there are students who learn everything during the term and they just need to write down what they know. But anyway, exams are very stressful for everyone.