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Professional Athletes’ Salaries Essay

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Rarely, we can find a person who isn’t interested in any kind of sport and who doesn’t watch sports competitions on TV. The topic of sportsmen payment is often disputed. There is an opinion that professional athletes are paid too much, and that work they do isn’t equal to their salaries. However, it is a foolish thing to say that it is easy to be the pro in the certain sport as it needs a lot of efforts and sacrifices. There are such points that prove athletes are overpaid.Consider the ideas if you are writing an essay on this issue.

More Useful Jobs

It is hard to disagree that more important professions than kicking the ball exist. Every day police officers, firefighters, soldiers etc. risk their lives in order to protect other people, and they earn much less money than NBA player does. We also should mention profession of doctor, who has to be ready to save somebody’s life at any time, and who needs to study a lot before start practicing. Anyway, it is unfair that people who do hard and risky work are paid less than athletes who spend the time training and have to care only about the competition shape.

Ways to Invest Money

Professional athletes make millions of dollars per one competition; they usually spend money on luxurious life, big houses, costly cars and so on. But on the other side, there are people who need the money to survive. Salaries, which sportsmen have, can be invested in the care of patients with cancer or other diseases, which require expensive treatment. Moreover, they can be used to support poor children, victims of natural disasters or refugees.

Contrariwise, there are several reasons why athletes have to be paid that much. Here are some of them.

Sport Is Traumatic

During performances in sports competitions, the athlete can gain a lot of injuries, some of which can’t be healed and ruin all his or her career. What’s more, those traumas need expensive treatment and special care. Also, sportsmen are subjected to stress and moral pressure, which can badly affect their mental health.

Dedicate All Life

It is not a secret that to become a famous athlete you have to train a lot, and usually, those preparations start at very early age. Just being a child, future sportsman does many exercises and takes part in different competitions. Not everyone can become famous in that field; you have to be talented, persistent and strong to deal with all obstacles on your way. Moreover, it should be mentioned that usually athletes end their career at the young age, and they need resources to organize their lives.

Part of Business


Actually, great competitions translated on TV channels are part of business; such translations bring a lot of money to those channels. So, we can even compare athletes with actors, as thousands of people buy tickets and come to the stadiums to see their idols. Selling of jerseys with athletes names has a great profit as well. As a result, not only sportsmen gain money, but also sport clothing brands, TV channels and a generous amount of businessmen.

To sum up, today athletes’ payment is overly big, despite there are people who work quite hard deserve to have that money. However, the good thing is that many sportsmen give millions for charity; they care about ill ones. It remains to hope that more and more professionals will do the same.

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