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Essay Writing Prompts about American Dream

The American dream today is not just a local notion, which is important for Americans only. Nowadays, it has become much broader so it is known around the globe. As this is an abstract concept, involving many material facets and figurative meanings, it is talked about a lot. In case your task is to write a paper on this theme you can check some topics and prompts, which we have prepared for you.

  • The components of the American dream.

    symbol of the USA

    If you decide to write an essay on this topic you may consider such type of the paper as an expository essay, which will explicate the constituents of the concept of American dream. Pay attention to such points as:

    • Material benefits: being financially secure, having all the facilities for proper life, having a job with a decent salary, beautiful house etc.
    • Immaterial constituents: family life, freedom, rights protection, pursuit of happiness.

  • New American dream.

    This notion is quite old and has been modified throughout the centuries. Nowadays, we can also state that the main idea of the dream has already been changed. If you want to reveal these points in your essay, check out the following hints:

    • The initial meaning of the concept.
    • The factors, which has influenced its modification.
    • The democracy as the main component of a new American dream.
    • The role of freedom.
    • Does prosperity still means a lot to Americans that are pursuing the dream?

  • The meaning of American dream for immigrants.

    people of different races

    To a large extent, it is believed that those who come to the USA are relying on the American dream the most. They take it as an opportunity, which did not exist in their homeland but is available in the United States of America. Here are the points to consider:

    • Ability to earn good money without any restrictions;
    • Raising family in safety;
    • Having their rights protected;
    • Being understood despite being diverse;
    • Respect of diversity;
    • Setting your own terms, which are being accepted by others;
    • Good life for future generations;
    • Hard work as a basis for making an American dream come true.

  • American dream: is it alive today?

    Although many people are still coming to the United States in order to pursue the described dream, a lot of Americans today do not believe in it anymore. The reasons for it are different and mostly depend on the personal experience. Here are the arguments for you to state that American dream is not alive anymore:

    • Devaluation of the traditional values for American society;
    • Substituting the value of happiness with the material sides of it only;
    • Rejecting religion and faith in God, which used to be a component of the American tradition at the beginning;
    • Caring too much about possessions and money instead of family and community;
    • Believing in your own efforts is better than relying on the abstract idea.
    • The notion of the American dream is too general to apply it in every single case when a person wants to achieve happiness in the life.

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