Pro-Gun Control Essay

Person Holds Gun

It is a great topic for debates and discussions and it recalls such a proverb 'Many men, many minds'. Many people find that everyone should have a right to hold arms in order to protect himself and other innocent people. According to their statements canceling of gun control will make cities safer and crime rate will decrease. However, are most people responsible enough to judge someone and take his or her life? That is why gun control should exist and here are several points against its cancelling.

Psychoactive Drug Examples

One Smoking Joint

Everyone ever heard or tried one of these substances; it includes alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine and so on. All of such drugs have a harmful impact on human’s mental and physical health, its trading considered to be illegal in many countries and penalty for it is imprisonment. Here are several examples of psychoactive drugs; it may help while writing an essay on the similar theme.

The Importance of Education: What Is It All About?

College Picture

From the early years, children start going to kindergartens and then to schools. This lays out the basis for getting a higher education in the future. Some parents even urge their children to begin their education at the age of three or four years, making them visit different activity clubs, often involving dance classes, singing, playing musical instruments, sports activities, learning foreign languages, drawing and many other things. Sometimes children are so overloaded with all this stuff that you pity them, but there is no reason for it.

Reasons to Live Off Campus

College Students

While entering college, students stand behind a choice to live in or off campus. Both have positive and negative points, and it usually depends on one’s habits and temper while deciding where to stay. In this article, benefits of living off campus are described.

Professional Athletes’ Salaries Essay

Person Playing Football

Rarely, we can find a person who isn’t interested in any kind of sport and who doesn’t watch sports competitions on TV. The topic of sportsmen payment is often disputed. There is an opinion that professional athletes are paid too much, and that work they do isn’t equal to their salaries. However, it is a foolish thing to say that it is easy to be the pro in the certain sport as it needs a lot of efforts and sacrifices. There are such points that prove athletes are overpaid.Consider the ideas if you are writing an essay on this issue.