How Weather Can Influence Our Well-Being and Educational Process

Sleepy Man in a Bed

Have you ever felt depressed, in low spirits, or under the weather right from the very morning? Well, I can surely tell you that you are not the one and the reason for such physical and mental state is not your laziness (so often attributed to you), but the weather that can have a huge impact on overall state and further daily activities. Consequently, in such “not your days”, the mood and general level of mental activity become rather vulnerable and, as a result, the educational process suffers from it first and foremost.

Step into a College Life: Making Up Your Mind

Student Life

Leaving school and going on to higher education is an exciting thought. You will be spreading your wings and probably living away from home for the first time. A university or college education has many attractions. A degree is still a must for many careers, and graduates tend to earn more than non-graduates. University life also gives you such important experiences as leaving home, mixing with new people and learning to stand on your own two feet.

The Right Time for Waking up: Finding Your Ideal One

Waking up

Who gets up early, may do everything. Of course, in the original version, the expression sounds "The early bird gets the worm". All people who have achieved significant results and could call themselves happy ones share one trait: they get up early. What is so valuable hidden behind this? What gifts has nature prepared for those who used to greet the sunrise with their eyes open?

Keep Calm and Ignore All Negative Things: Strategies

Happy Person

Human is an apogee of nature creations. People are glorified, adored, exalted. A lot of monuments, poems, paintings are dedicated to them. We are able to feel emotions and make our own choices, we are endowed with reason and limitless possibilities in terms of self-realization because we possess a huge potential. It looks like the perfect story without flaws, with no way to deny the obvious, but is this so?

Pro-Gun Control Essay

Person Holds Gun

It is a great topic for debates and discussions and it recalls such a proverb 'Many men, many minds'. Many people find that everyone should have a right to hold arms in order to protect himself and other innocent people. According to their statements canceling of gun control will make cities safer and crime rate will decrease. However, are most people responsible enough to judge someone and take his or her life? That is why gun control should exist and here are several points against its cancelling.