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Rock Music and Intellect

Rocker Drinking Tea

For today, there are several diverse opinions on the interdependence of musical preferences and intelligence. For some people, heavy rock is a sign of a sullen, not very educated, and aggressive young person, and, for example, it is commonly believed that discreet and refined people listen to classical music.

Book Report: Writing Without Problems

Student Holding Book Upside Down

Many students do not see any difference between such assignments as a book report and a book review. However, the difference exists. The book review is written usually to estimate a new literary work, point out its advantages and disadvantages, and tell about main points discussed in it, while the book report implies the writing of a kind of summary that generalizes the information stated in the book. It is usually from 250 to 550 words.

Characters Might Hate Their Authors, Won’t They?

Aggressive Princess

A lot of writers say they literally feel their characters during the creation of the book. They perceive literature creations as independent individualities who have a specific temper, private thoughts, and special path. Nevertheless, if characters are so “alive” they would have their own opinion about creators. Moreover, it would not be gratitude or love.